Deep Rock Galactic News - Das Februar-Wartungsupdate ist da!

Es gibt eine neue News zu dem Steam Game Deep Rock Galactic vom 19.02.2024. Folgendes hat dabei der Entwickler von Deep Rock Galactic veröffentlicht:

Hello Miners,

Happy February Maintenance Update day! For this one, we’ve focused on the bugs and issues that got the most community upvotes in our PleaseFix portal. In case you haven’t heard of that, it’s the best way to report and document bugs you come across in the game.

Okay, enough chit-chat. Let’s dive into the patch notes.

With Love, -The Ghost Ship Crew


Introducing Hidden Dwarf beer

Fun stuff first: We’ve got a brand new brew up in the Abyss Bar!

Next time you mosey on over to the bar, you’ll find that Lloyd is ready to pour up a round of delicious Hidden Dwarf Double IPA.

After teasing it last week, it's been fun to see everybody’s speculations on what this beer does.

Some people speculated that it gives you Barrel Armor. This is not the case. Others guessed that it transforms you into a barrel. This is partially correct. A few thought they’d heard the Hydengözik Brewery name before. They have. Sort of.

So how can we describe this tantalizing new beverage? Well, to best experience the transformative flavor of Hidden Dwarf, we recommend you gather a few pals and order a round together.

You’ll find that it starts a prop hunt mode on the Space Rig. :)

Weapon tweaks and fixes

  • Fixed Hyper Propellant OC working incorrectly with T4A Homebrew Explosive mod. This mod was only supposed to affect the actual explosion, therefore these changes have been made to make it more clear:

    • The ‘Homebrew Explosive‘ mode has been changed to only affect radial damage on the weapon’s projectile.
    • Therefore, it should no longer affect upgrades that do direct damage, such as the Spiky Grenade modification or the direct damage of the Hyper Propellant OC.
    • Prior to the change, Homebrew Explosive had no effect on neither direct nor area damage of Hyper Propellant.

  • Fixed a bug with the Cryo Cannon's T5A ‘Fragile’ mod, where shattered enemies didn’t die as expected on higher hazards
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shard Diffractor’s ‘Bio-Mass Converter’ mod to not work for clients
  • Fixed a bug with the Turret Arc OC where the electric damage bonus from Gemini turrets didn’t cause any additional damage when used with some other weapons
  • Fixed a bug causing Turret EM Discharge OC to not proc at certain angles
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Stubby’s ‘Upgraded Capacitors’ mod to roll two proc attempts with a 25% chance, instead of one roll with a 50% chance to proc. Basically, now there’s a higher chance to proc the electric effect

Armor and 'Armor Breaking' modifications

As discussed in the preview post, we’ve cooked up a few tweaks to make enemy armor behave more consistently, and give more incentive to pick the ‘Armor Breaking’ modification on your weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where projectiles for the Deepcore 40mm PGL, DRAK-25, and Hurricane could hit an enemy and break the armor, but not damage the enemy in the same hit. This is a big day for Hyper Propellant enjoyers
  • Fixed a longstanding bug where Heavy Armor (as found on the Praetorian) did not scale in accordance with Hazard level.
  • Fixed a bug where the Boomstick’s ‘Improved Blast Wave’ mod did not deal damage to armor. The shockwave now uses radial damage instead of custom damage, so it should work against armor now.

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Nayaka Trawlers (AKA sand sharks) to not target players unless damaged by players
  • Fixed a bug that let players spam-deposit the same Kursite chunk over and over again, cheesing the Kursite Grinder event
  • Fixed that Dreadnoughts were teleporting for clients in certain situations
  • Fixed that Molly’s escape button would not appear in Industrial Sabotage missions if you completed the Contagion Spike cleaning objective last
  • Fixed an issue where some AoE attacks themselves could be affected by status effects
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused sleeves to not match the player’s loadout when displayed in the mission end screen
  • Fixed a bug with doors on the Space Rig getting de-synced between players
  • Fixed a bug where Mission Control would repeat On-Site Refining objective voiceline
  • Fixed that the Grappling Hook would immediately pull Scout (ignoring the ‘casting’ time) when using Jet Boots
  • Fixed a bug with the server list that caused Hazard 5 missions to always appear even when they should be locked, leading to new players accidentally joining Hazard 5 (lol)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bosco skins and frameworks to appear in Cargo Crates instead of the Lost Packs as intended.

QoL features

  • Experience earned for Weapon Maintenance skin rewards now carries over to other unlock levels. Now you can earn everything without having to check in and ‘redeem’ stuff you’ve already unlocked. A more detailed description is available in the preview post
  • Reorganized the audio options, so there’s a stronger visual indicator that the ‘Character’ & ‘Mission Control’ volume sliders are both subject to the ‘Sound Effects’ volume slider
  • The menu’s Audio tab now has a ‘Steam settings’ button for easier access to Steam’s own audio settings
  • Renamed the Merch tab in the menu to “DRG Universe” and added a new module for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
  • Got the Miner Community terminal's Discord integration to work more consistently (still can be a bit wonky, but at least it's better)
  • Adding a small monitor near the Assignment Board that displays a countdown until a current seasonal event ends. This will first be visible during this year’s Anniversary Event. More on that real soon!


Fixed some, probably made some new ones

Die vollständige News zu Das Februar-Wartungsupdate ist da! findet ihr auf der Deep Rock Galactic Steam Seite